Sweet Bronco's debut album Morning Night

available now at bandcamp

Coming Soon... 


AUGUST 29, 2014

@ Respectable Street

West Palm Beach, FL


AUGUST 30, 2014

@ Summer Jam 10

Tampa, FL


AUGUST 31, 2014

@ Zelmo's

Fort Pierce, FL



@ Backbooth

Orlando, FL


SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

@ Churchill's Pub

Miami, FL


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Sweet Bronco is a rock band from South Florida. The current

lineup includes guitarist Dave Barnard (Stonefox), drummer

Jesse Dalton (Blackfinger), bassist Brady Newbill (Hen),

keyboardist/vocalist Brittanny Larevitzear (Psymatics), and

songwriter/vocalist Chris Horgan. They've recently been playing

shows in Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando and will be

touring throughout 2014 in support of their ten song album

Morning Night. You can currently purchase the album on

Compact Disc, Cassette Tape, or Digital Download through

bandcamp. Vinyl format will be available in October.

If you aren't prepared to listen to their music now, but still

need to be able to describe it; then we will try to help you.

Sweet Bronco's music incorporates a range of styles - mostly

in the neighborhood of melodic psych bossgaze and 60s folk

rock. They are a five piece band employing traditional rock

instruments like guitars and drums and organs and vocal

chords in harmony.


"Night two (Will’s Pub and Lil Indies) yielded a couple

revelations. The most realized was Ft. Lauderdale’s Sweet

Bronco, whose deep, mature sound is a return to the stateliness

of early millennial indie rock. They’re a well-crafted tapestry of

nice melodies, sonorous reach and lots of atmosphere."

- Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly


to contact Sweet Bronco for booking or other inquiries, send and email to

stella[at]sweetbronco.com or message us on facebook.

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